TACH-ADAPT... the $65 black-box that makes your tachometer work right.

The pulse rate conversion feature makes it possible to match your vintage tach to 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines.

The pulse restoration feature makes it possible to trigger your tach properly from modified ignition systems. 

The pulse filtering feature cleans up trigger waveforms, eliminating erratic behavior.

Over 1600 TACH-ADAPT units are in service with the number growing every day. This Tachometer Adapter is easy to install with straightforward switch settings and a diagnostic LED feature that shows it is locked to the trigger signal from your ignition and sending a solid output to your tachometer.

TACH-ADAPT is available direct through this site and is also offered by major suppliers  Pelican Parts and Sierra Madre Collection!

What Users say about this product...

"I was really stuck with the MSD box on a 70 911T. Tried the MSD tach solution and no-go. Talked to MSD , that didn't work. I contacted Bob after reading the positive reviews and decided to try his product. After spending 5 hours on the MSD unit, it took us only 30 minutes with Bob's Tach Adaptor to get the tach to work again. His communication with myself and my mechanic really made it happen. He responds super fast and explains what you are trying to do. I wish I went with this product from the start. If you have tach issues Bob is your man! " --Dan E.
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